A classic icon can be a catalyst for viral videos today.   The icon comes from a 1980s public service announcement on seat belt safety.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council created a series of ads based on safety tests with crash test dummies.  Ultimately they gave the dummies  a persona of their own, meet Vince and Larry.  The genesis of these ads was the actual testing devices used in car safety tests.   Sometimes the routine and mundane for a person in their daily grind may blinded them to the interest and fascination others may find in their work.  It could be the content from which successful viral videos are produced. It’s simply a result of when different people look at the same situation.

Take another example of different perspectives on the same picture.   Dog owners loath the dreaded burr.  The nuisance plant element that attaches itself to your pet and causes you all kinds of frustration removing it.   Burrs and dogs were tangling for hundreds of years, and then dog owner George de Mestral  returned from a hunting trip in the Swiss Alps with a dog full of burrs.  Mestral’s electrical engineering mind perceived something could be made useful from this tangled mess and such was the beginning of what is today called Velcro.

Viral videos source

Crash Test Dummies

Back to our dummies and viral videos. The point for many companies is to look at the routine within the organization through the eyes of those who don’t see it as routine.  View your technical processes through the eyes of the untrained, the eyes of a consumer who may see something very different in its final form, but who may be amazed how it got that way.  There could be something interesting to thousands right under your nose.

The term viral video is about as overused and misinterpreted as the word Best.   Just as there are many “bests” depending on circumstances and intent, there are many cases of the appeal of a certain video.  A viral video need not turn into an American icon like Vince and Larry, it might not garner the views of a Kardashian rant, but it might be interesting enough for a niche audience to share, a prospect group to understand, and a perhaps motivate the people of interest to you to take the action you want.