I was looking at some recent job descriptions for editors and they didn’t include something I think is essential in a video editor and that is the ability to be resourceful without many resources.   Here’s what I mean.   I was covering the High Point Market, it’s a large furniture and interior design show in High Point, North Carolina.   I passed this very small exhibit space in which a new manufacturer was displaying their sole line of chairs.  Ironically, very very big and very very beautiful chairs.

The name of the company is Bruce Andrews Design.   They only make one type of chair.  Their exhibit space was small and they had a total of 3 chairs in the space.   Ok that’s not a lot of visuals to work with and I was under significant time constraints.   So I grabbed a quick interview, and some product shots wondering how this was going to come together.  This was not a prepared shoot.  As I go through this show I look for things that catch my eye, stories that others are not covering.   It is not the kind of shoot where you have planning meetings and an agreed upon storyboard.  This is a classic “news gathering” shoot where on the spot resourcefulness will determine whether you have a good final piece.

Below you see the final video where I used soundbites from the interview and visuals shot on-site edited with stills from The Bruce Andrews Design website. What made this interesting was the story behind the chair.  The video highlights this story using some creative video editing.  I combine music, sound effects, video and still images to draw the richness of the story and the product.  Of course the thought process and finding the right elements take a little time.  It did, however, turn a potentially bland piece into one that holds the interest of the viewers and transports them into the richness of the chair.   Isn’t that the essence of storytelling?

Bruce Andrews Design – A Chair For Royalty

If you are really into the details of creative video editing, here is how I added a little ah ha to the piece with some motion graphics.