I was trying to figure out a creative way to tell the story of a new product introduced at the High Point Furniture Market. There are plenty of products introduced at markets and trade shows, they all get to sound the same. In this case, Designer Tina Nicole of Nathan Anthony furniture shared the inspiration for the Elan Swivel chair was the historic art period called the Dutch De Stijl. One of that period’s most popular artists was Piet Mondrian. Even if you are not familiar with art you might recognize Mondrian’s style using geometric shapes and primary colors.

Piet Mondrian

Mondrian Design

Nicole’s inspiration turned out to be mine as well. I researched a bit of the De Stijl period with both images of 1920-1930 Holland, sourced a song that wrapped the visuals in the time period and used Mondrian’s image to set the foundation for what was to come. Once that tone was set I needed to transport the viewer to today, a quick zoom pan edit into a scene from Nathan Anthony’s showroom at High Point Market with text indicating location and dateline Fall 2015 (see :20 mark). I retained the closing lyric of the 1930s music here because I wanted to ease the viewer into the present and give them time to read the text. This edit was essentially the “time transition” which set up the next edit that completed the “time transition” and set the tone for today’s modern twist on the old inspiration.

To make this “time transition” complete I used a cut edit with a flash transition (see :25 mark). I’m a former music DJ, and I went with a bang audio edit that does several things for the scene; 1) Audio shock, kind of a wake up edit, 2) Strong down beat to get the viewer immediately into the music track and present time period. 3) Audio complemented the visual flash so both the visual and aural senses were receiving the same information.

If you really want to get into the details, listen closely, what I wanted to do was come close in song choices at this critical edit point. You’ll notice that the edit at the 1930s tune was on a high note from what sounds like a clarinet and the beginning note for the present day music was in that same note range with probably a keyboard instrument. Yes this is the kind of creative process that turns what could have been a solid straight news-style piece into something that has more depth, interest, and let’s call it storytelling appeal. Hope you enjoy it. It was produced for one of my clients who sends me to furniture shows for content marketing stories.