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Clients Are Saying...

They listen, storyboard, collaborate, and create, it's that simple.


Communications Manager , Regional Non-Profit, Sarah's... An Oasis For Women

Outstanding, cost-effective videos that connect with customers and emotions.


Corporate Communications Manager , Verizon

Videos that support our sales team and help our business grow.


Marketing Manager , Manna Freight Systems

Some Video Examples…

Demo Reels This Way

Demo reels show different capabilities, have client interviews, and some describe the situation behind a particular video.

Albert Maruggi

Albert Maruggi

…is a former news videographer, editor, producer, and reporter.   His entire career is in marketing and communications.  Efficient with time, words and pictures, he gets to the heart of stories in a creative way.  The images on the right are from a wide variety of his shoots, among them are Verizon customer stories, corporate interviews, logisitcs capabilities and his many years covering furniture and interior design at High Point Market.

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A lot goes into video production, there are so many options that it’s possible to achieve at least some of your video goals at any budget.   That’s where we come in, we can provide ideas, content, and talent at a significant value.

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